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Calec ST® Volume

The CALEC® ST Volume is a heatmeter-calculator for building-automation and energy-management.  The calculator has energy- and volume-counters, some instantaneous values and two programmable auxiliary inputs including the corresponding counters or optional two relay-outputs.  Data-logging is done by 28 data loggers, two billing dates and a remote controlled freeze-memory.  This freeze function enables a simultaneous meter reading in a network.  The meter readings, instantaneous values and some logger data are bound to LonMark® profiles using Standard Network Variable Types (SNVT).  The relay-outputs can be used as actuators.  The device does not need any plug-ins.  The inputs for the temperature sensors are designed for the Pt 100 or Pt 500 type.  They may be connected using a two- or four-wire technology.  The LonWorks® networking node is realised with the Free-Topology Transceiver FTT-10A.  The CALEC® ST Volume is designed as a modular device:  The calculating unit module can be replaced and verified separately.  The CALEC® ST Volume has all service-functions; e.g., a comfortable wink-function which also can be recognized while the cover is closed.

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: Integra Metering AG
Contact person: Serge Schueller
Address: Ringstrasse 75 Therwil Switzerland
Phone number: +41617251211