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DO-10 Model # 41200

The DO-10 Digital Output Module is part of Echelon’s LonPoint system. The DO-10 Module is a LonMark device that provides 4 digital outputs, 0-12V, 100mA source/sink maximum on any one output, 110mA source/400mA sink on all outputs combined. Separate hand/off/auto front panel DIP switches, and status LEDs, are provided for each output. The module operates from 16 to 30VAC or VDC, allowing it to be powered from the same sources as the actuators. Resident within the module is a powerful, configurable application program. The program includes Digital Output, Digital Encoder, Analog and Type Translator software functional blocks (LonMark objects) that define how the module will function. Using Echelon’s LonMaker tool, the user links together the functional blocks of the DO-10 Module, other LonPoint modules, and other LonMark and LonWorks devices, to create an open distributed control system. Network design and configuration is simplified by the Visio® interface of the LonMaker tool, which can both import and export AutoCAD® files and generate as-built documentation. The user configures the DO-10 Module using the simple and intuitive interface provided by the LonPoint Plug-In. Moves, adds, and changes can be easily accommodated by downloading configuration changes into the LonPoint module’s flash memory either locally or via remote LonWorks or Internet network connection.

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: dialog