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The ECL-VAV series are microprocessor-based programmable variable air volume (VAV) controllers designed to control any variable air volume box. Each controller uses the LonTalk® communication protocol and is LONMARK certified as an SCC VAV.

This series contains five models as follows: ECL-VAVS-O, ECL-VAVS, ECL-VAV, ECL-VVTS, and ECL-VAV-N. Models with inputs support various measurement types including resistance, voltage, and digital-based ones. All models provide digital, floating, pulse width modulation, and proportional control outputs for valves, heating elements, fans, and lighting applications. In particular, the ECL-VAVS-O, ECL-VAVS, ECL-VAV, and ECL-VAV-N models have an on-board air flow sensor with a range of 0-2 inches of water column (500 Pascal) and the ECL-VAVS-O, ECL-VAVS, ECL-VAV, and ECL-VVTS models have a built-in brushless actuator for precise damper positioning for loads requiring up to 35 inch-pounds (4 Newton-meters) of torque.

All controller models work with the Allure™ EC-Smart-Vue sensor series of communicating sensors that feature a backlit-display and graphical menus. These sensors are used for indoor temperature measurement, setpoint adjustment, and occupancy state override. An Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensor can be used to perform system air balancing without requiring an onsite controls engineer and to commission and troubleshoot the system. In addition, all controller models are Open-to-Wireless™ ready, and when paired with the Wireless Receiver, they work with a variety of wireless battery-less sensors and switches.

The ECL-VAV model supports a range of Integrated Room Control (IRC) modules that expand the controller’s range of control to include lighting and shades/sunblinds. This controller also supports the EC-Multi-Sensor ceiling-mounted sensor and its associated EC-Remote remote control.
Factory preloaded applications allow these controllers, straight out of the box, to operate standard VAV equipment with a proven energy-efficient sequence of operation thereby eliminating the need for programming. The preloaded application can be selected using an Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensor even before the network has been installed for rapid deployment or through the EC-NetAX™ solution using Distech Controls’ dcgfxApplications. Or use EC-gfxProgram through either EC-NetAX Pro, which is powered by the NiagaraAX Framework® or through any LNS®-based software such as Distech Controls’ Lonwatcher 3. These same controllers are fully programmable to allow you to easily create your own control sequences capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of any engineering specification.

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Manufacturer: Distech Controls Inc.
Contact person: Lauren Scott
Address: 4205 place de Java Brossard, Quebec Canada
Phone number: +14504449898