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The ECP-VAV is a free programmable VAV unit controller featuring 4 universal inputs, 4 triac outputs (PWM or digital) and 2 universal outputs (10 V, PWM or digital 12V). This unique combination of built-in functionality with the flexibility of a code editor and compiler, has already proven itself as a cost-effective solution in a wide range of HVAC applications. Easily and quickly programmed through an LNS® plug-in or EC-Net wizard (Niagara Framework), the Distech Controls free programmable controller line provides you with the flexibility and efficiency needed to control any system.
Other features include:

Built-in brushless constant torque damper actuator with improved life expectancy
Integrated position feedback eliminates the need for periodic reinitialization of the damper
Accurate onboard air flow sensor for pressure independent single duct VAV applications
Flash memory for application settings, control sequences and storage of up 12,000 events.
60 network variables of which 18 NVI and 18 NVO are of changeable type and length.
All internal data points (variables, constants, etc.) can be monitored and changed by a set of dedicated network variables
Many programming features available such as PID loops, timers, optimum start
Support of fan-in binding for zoning applications
High precision controls with 16 bit analog to digital inputs and 10 bit digital to analog outputs

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: Distech Controls Inc.
Contact person: Lauren Scott
Address: 4205 place de Java Brossard, Quebec Canada
Phone number: +14504449898