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The Distech Controls EC-RTU-L, unit ventilator controller is a full-featured, application specific solution. Our EC-Configure LNS® based plug-ins and EC-NetAX wizards allow for easy configuration and further enhance flexibility in applications, facilitating configuration of control sequences and communication schemes.

The EC-RTU-L features 6 Universal Inputs, 5 Triac Outputs (PWM or Digital) and 2 Tri-mode Analog Outputs (0-10V, PWM or digital 0-12V), and controls roof top unit applications such as:
• Roof Top units including units equipped with economizer
• Mechanical stages, modulating valves and floating outputs
• Static pressure control
• Up to 4 stages of cooling or heating
• Manages humidity control devices
• Demand averaging on up to 128 VAVs

The EC-RTU-L also features:
• Wide flexibility in control applications minimizing the need for custom programming
• Analog outputs and power supply are fuse protected
• Spare I/O points can be shared over the network
• Application settings and control sequences stored in a 64 K Flash memory
• LON® communication jack
• Easy to use configuration programs provided through LNS based EC-Configure plug-ins and EC-NetAXwizards.
• LNS based EC-Monitor plug-ins for generating a real-time monitoring graphical interface.
• Compatible with wide range of sensors, actuators and wireless, battery-less sensors and modules
• Fire retardant plastic enclosure with separable back plate and identified terminal block
• Integrated wall or din rail mount options

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: Distech Controls Inc.
Contact person: Lauren Scott
Address: 4205 place de Java Brossard, Quebec Canada
Phone number: +14504449898