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INS-081 is a DIN-6U rail mounting device suitable for lighting and blinds applications, with led indicator for each of the Schmitt trigger inputs and one additional comparator input indicated for water leak sensor.
It is a LonMark certified device according the Interoperability Guidelines Version 3.4, with LonMark profiles #0 (NodeObject), #1060 (Occupancy Sensor, #3071 (Occupancy Controller) and #3200 (Switch).
INS-081 has special mode functionality in order to monitor free potential inputs, typically used in electrical panels monitoring.

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: ISDE
Contact person: César Martínez Fernández
Address: Ciudad de Frias, 21 Madrid Spain
Phone number: +34916437075