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inteliLIGHT FPX-220

inteliLIGHT® FPX-220 is a product conceived to carry out the remote control of individual luminaries in street lighting installations,  It is designed to be used with dimmable electronic ballasts which feature 0-10V or DALI interface, for lamps with power up to 500W based on LED, Compact Fluorescent or High Intensity Discharge technologies.  It uses Power Line Communication (PLC) and includes data retransmission mechanism through LonWorks®/ANSI 709.1 communication protocol.  It provides real-time feedback through measured parameters such as active power, voltage, current, luminaire status, power consumption, energy usage, run hours and power factor.  It allows a wide range of user configurable parameters.  It is designed to be installed at the base of the streetlight pole, inside the lamp housing or external to the luminaire.  Built for outdoor installation, it functions in extreme temperatures and humidity conditions.

Technical data

Media channel: Powerline PL-20
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: Flashnet S.A.
Contact person: Lorand Mozes
Address: Fundatura Harmanului str, 4A Brasov Romania
Phone number: +40268334335