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Integrated Room Controller (IRC) is a global solution which combines a Karno®controller dedicated to HVAC control, and Dalilon® add-on modules dedicated to lighting and sunblinds management (RJ digital link).
All IRC modules are powered in 230 VAC and allow the building of a modular solution in a single LON® node.  All hard-wired, infrared or radio accessories are fully compatible with the IRC, directly connected with a RJ9 digital link.  The IRC Karno module receives the commands sent either by hard-wired room sensors, or infrared/radio remote controllers, acquires the information of heating and cooling (depending on the inputs configured), associated to presence and lux level information (multi-sensor), performs all office comfort functions in a single LON node – commands of HVAC parameters: warm or cold water devices, 2 or 4 tubes (with or without electric heater)..
Commands of Lights and Sunblinds (Dalilon add-on modules).  A well-suited solution for:  office renewal (when office architecture is not flexible) and offices of various sizes with or without frames (complex configuration).

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: Distech Controls Inc.
Contact person: Lauren Scott
Address: 4205 place de Java Brossard, Quebec Canada
Phone number: +14504449898