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PIR Ready VT7600 – Roof Top Unit/Heatpump

The VT7600 PI thermostat family is specifically designed for single stage and multi-stage control of heating/cooling equipment such as rooftop and self contained units. The product features an intuitive, menu-driven, backlit LCD display, which walks users through the programming steps, making the process extremely simple. Accurate temperature control is achieved due to the product’s PI time proportional control algorithm, which virtually eliminates temperature offset associated with traditional, differential-based thermostats.

All models contain two digital inputs, which can be set by the user to monitor filter status, activate a remote temporary occupancy switch, and/or used as a general purpose service indicator. In addition, depending on the model, up to three remote sensor inputs are available. All models contain a SPST auxiliary switch, which can be used to control lighting or disable the economizer function and a discharge air sensor input. For more advanced applications, an economizer control logic has been integrated onto the thermostat for use with proportional damper economizer actuators.

The thermostats are also compatible with the new Viconics PIR cover accessories. Thermostats equipped with a PIR cover provide advanced active occupancy logic, which will automatically switch occupancy levels from Occupied to Unoccupied as required by local activity being present or not. This advanced occupancy functionality provides advantageous energy savings during occupied hours without sacrificing occupant comfort. All thermostats can be ordered with or without a factory installed PIR cover.

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
Contact person: Anders Nelénius
Address: Mobilvägen 10 223 62 Lund Sweden
Phone number: +46 706853365