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PresenceLight 180 PLLON

Our two new thebenHTS presence detectors – the PresenceLight 360 PLLON for ceiling mounting and the PresenceLight 180 PLLON for wall mounting – are a strong team!
The PresenceLight 360 PLLON is well-suited for universal deployment in offices, passageways and secondary rooms. Its companion for wall mounting, the PresenceLight 180 PLLON, controls the lighting in corridors, entryways and garages. Because of their IP54 protection rating (available as an accessory), both units can also be used in humid zones. The elegantly designed duo offers countless benefits.

Using the constant light controller, they can control lighting continuously or set the level depending on the amount of daylight. Of the two occupancy controllers, one is used for the internal determination of a person’s presence, while the other is available for the as-needed control of HVAC systems. Manual operation is possible using the LON button as well as the optionally available user remote control. The elegantly designed units are very discreet, just like architects and building owners like them to be – and they are available in a uniform styling for ceilings and walls.

The convenient Plug-In for parameterisation and commissioning of the presence detectors is, of course, available for both PresenceLight LON models – a great advantage for the systems integrator.

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Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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