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Tracer ZN525

The Tracer™ ZN525 is a configurable HVAC controller designed and optimized for controlling Chilled Water Terminal units equipped with EC fan motor technology.  ZN525 offers a truly compact solution with an embedded 230Vac power supply. ZN525 is LonMark certified and supports SCC 8501 profile.

Trane Tracer™ ZN525 can control chilled water terminal units such as fan coil units, chilled beams or cassettes, in different configurations (2 pipes, 4 pipes, with or without electric heaters, etc).

The combination of Tracer™ ZN525 and EC fan motor technology ensures optimum energy efficiency through:
• Fan speed optimization resulting in lower fan motor operating costs
• Noiseless operation with smooth fan speed adjustment
• Reduced power up inrush current through Random Start function
• Demand limiting of electric heaters, avoiding peak time rate periods

Tracer™ ZN525 is proposed as a factory mounted controller on the entire Trane Chilled Water Terminal rangeequipped with EC motor technology. The ZN525 drastically reduces on-site commissioning time, and ensures optimum quality and reliability of the assembly. Tracer™ ZN525 is also proposed as a field installed controller. DIN rail or screw mounting, and removable terminal strips allow Tracer™ ZN525 quick installation. A quick configuration tool is also available for easy installation.

The Tracer™ ZN525 integrates a specific control algorithm, based on room and discharge air temperature measures, as to eliminate uncomfortable ‘hot/cold shower’ feelings.

Tracer ™ ZN525 can deliver a fully integrated room comfort solution when associated with Trane lighting and sun blinds controllers, Tracer™ EXL and Tracer™ EXB. Tracer™ ZN525 is fully compatible with the existing Trane wall interfaces range, ZSM10, ZSM11 and ZSM31, including wireless ZSM31-W.

Technical data

Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Manufacturer: Trane
Contact person: Chuck Lehn
E-mail: clehn@trane.com
Address: 4833 White Bear Parkway St. Paul, MN United States
Phone number: +16514074000