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VAV-332-IMV/VAV-332-XMV Pre-Configured VAV Box Controller

The Circon VAV-332-IMV and VAV-332-XMV with advanced vent ratio algorithms increase comfort levels to zone occupants while optimizing energy usage. The VAV-332-IMV comes complete with an integral brushless DC damper motor and differential pressure sensor.  The VAV-332-XMV comes with an external damper motor interface and differential pressure sensor. Both products can be used for any single-duct, pressure independent or pressure dependent VAV box control application. They accommodate a series fan, parallel fan or no fan. Configurable heating supports three stages of electric reheat control, and analog, modulating or digital floating valve control for hot water heating. In addition to a dedicated space temperature input, three universal inputs allow resistive, digital or voltage-type sensors. The inputs, outputs, control algorithms and alarming, trending and scheduling functions are all easily configured using free LNS® plug-ins.

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Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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