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The VAV-332-PRG and VAV-332-XPR completely programmable VAV controllers allow integrators to implement tailored control applications for unique or custom VAV control designs when configurable-only application-specific controllers do not meet their needs, while still meeting requirements for a cost-effective controller that is LonMark® certified.  They also allows integrators to implement common applications such as dual-duct, VVT zone damper, and room pressurization which often have unique requirements.   The VAV-332-PRG comes complete with an integral brushless DC damper motor and differential pressure sensor.  The VAV-332-XPR comes with an external damper motor interface and integral differential pressure sensor.
The VAV-332-PRG and VAV-332-XPR accept the download of a Circon BASIC program to provide a device application that tailors the sequences of operation for the VAV box being controlled.  Program development is very simple, using the Circon BASIC language and compiler to develop and download the program.  Many built-in procedures are included to enhance the ease of program development for programmable space comfort controllers and to enable conformance to the LonMark standard functional profile by allowing programmatic access to read and write mandatory network variables and configuration properties.  The VAV-332-PRG and VAV-332-XPR work with the LNS® operating system and are supplied with free LNS plug-ins to simplify configuration of built-in I/O, damper, scheduler, PID, optimum start, trending, alarming, and type-changeable network variables functional blocks.

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Media channel: Free Topology - TP/FT10
Certified: yes
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