What does LMI do?

LMI is an independent, global industry group providing information and resources to governments, cities and municipalities.

We provide the latest, objectively assessed information and due diligence on all of the key issues pertaining to technology and the rapidly expanding areas of IoT and Smart Cities.

LMI also provides insight to a global network of government organizations, cities and municipalities through which knowledge, information, challenges and even projects and costs can be shared.

Benefits of LMI for Governments, Cities and Municipalities

  • Up to the minute independently reviewed technology due diligence for all major IoT, smart city and smart building technology suites. This can save considerable cost and time spent with external consultants doing work already done by others. There is also the opportunity to share the cost of new work with other cities in order to reduce costs.
  • Information on organizational change management strategies for organizations implementing future industry solutions in the workplace.
  • Marketing and communications strategies, information and services for IoT, smart building and smart cities implementation
  • Legal and legislative precedents for new technology applications and projects, including contract templates
  • Finance and procurement models and precedents, as well as access to smart city investment funds, and assistance with identifying and applying for government grants
  • Access to standards, regulations and guidelines for the development, use and application of new technologies in different global jurisdictions
  • Given technology to trial, use and assess for new applications, as well as planning and project management tools and software
  • Network with global experts in project feasibility, design and delivery
  • Global thought leadership and collaboration groups for government, cities and municipalities to meet and share knowledge and also collaborate on new challenges
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration events
  • Insight to technology companies and research institutions for development of bespoke applications and solutions
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