Gain.  This parameter is used to calibrate the external hardware. 

This configuration property sets the multiplication factor for raw data readings from sensor hardware. It is used to calibrate readings from sensor hardware. It applies when the readings are linear and do not require a translation table. The gain is applied before any specified offset is applied. The gain consists of a 16-bit multiplier and a 16-bit divisor. An Invalid Value is represented by a divisor of zero (0).


Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 31
Obsolete: no
Size: 4
Programmatic Name: SCPTgain
Default: 1/1
Neuron C Type:

SCPTgain:  text("%d/%d", multiplier, divisor)

Used by:

SFPTairVelocitySensor  SFPTclosedLoopSensor  SFPTglobalSolarRadiation  SFPTopenLoopSensor  SFPTwindVelocityMeasurement