Data log minimum delta time..  Minimum amount of time between logged values. This is used to throttle data entry into a data log. When a data value is logged, a subsequent update to the data value is not logged until the time specified by this value has elapsed. If additional updates are received during this time, the older values are discarded and are not stored in the data log. Time of receipt is ignored if the value of this configuration property is zero or invalid.  


Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 333
Obsolete: no
Size: 4
Programmatic Name: SCPTlogMinDeltaTime
Default: 0
Neuron C Type:
Minimum: -2147483648
Maximum: 2147483647
Scaling (A,B,C): 1,  0,  0
Scaled value: 1 *10 0 *(Raw+0)
Resolution: 1

SCPTlogMinDeltaTime:  text("%d")

Used by: