Manual override time..  The maximum time that the controller will stay in a manual mode following the last request by a network variable input. Zero disables the timer. 

This configuration property sets the maximum time that a controller will stay in a manual mode when the manual mode was requested by a network variable input, without receiving an update on that network variable. For example, if an override request is received via the network and an update is not received within the Manual Override Time, the controller will go back to the default value. Updates to the network variable input will restart the timer. The specific network variable inputs for which this timer is used are manufacturer-defined.


Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 35
Obsolete: no
Size: 2
Programmatic Name: SCPTmanOvrTime
Default: 0
Neuron C Type:

SCPTmanOvrTime:  text("%f")

Used by:

SFPTchilledCeilingController  SFPTsccAHU  SFPTsccChilledCeiling  SFPTsccFanCoil  SFPTsccHeatPump  SFPTsccRadiator  SFPTsccRooftop  SFPTsccSelfContained  SFPTsccUnitVentilator  SFPTsccVAV  SFPTspaceComfortController  SFPTunitVentilatorController