BLOG: Energy Efficiency for Hotels: HOTELON, An Integral Solution with LON

A hotel is one of the most demanding buildings from the automation point of view, it needs “real-time” systems working all together to solve every need about access control, HVAC, lighting, smart metering and technical elements in the most possible efficient way. HOTELON by ISDE is the best integral automation solution for hotels that combines field equipment, network infrastructure and automation software to maximize energy efficiency.

ISDE manufactures automation devices and offers automation solutions for three different markets: home automation, building automation and smart cities as a LonWorks Independent Developer (LID). With more than 25 years of expertise in automation ISDE was founded in Spain in 1994, main distribution channels are in Spain and LATAM.

ISDE is also a member of Lonmark International and Lonmark Spain, it has been honored by Lonmark International with the Best of the year Multivendor Project awards – HOTELON in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

How could energy efficiency be achieved in a hotel? Energy efficiency is defined as the perfect balance between maximum savings and maximum comfort, which is mostly wanted by hotel managers, first steps to achieve it could be reached by adding a automation system to the hotel.  Most energy cost systems such as HVAC and lighting should be monitored and automated to increase energy savings without renouncing to comfort.

HOTELON automation systems consist of field devices with actuators and sensors shared all over the hotel rooms and common areas. Since the most energy waste occurs in rooms: the automation system should not act equal on common areas (BMS) that in rooms (RMS). INH-551 is a LON device designed specifically to automate hotel rooms: HVAC, lighting, access control, intrusion alarms, technical alarms: medical, flood sensors, device gathers all these functionalities. They are also  based on standard ISO/IEC 14908 (LONWORKS) natively, meaning it could be easily connected to network infrastructure communicating with HOTELON software in main desktop, allowing the room to be monitored locally and remotely as well as updated by adding new devices to the system without modifying the basis structure.

Common areas are also automated and fully integrated to HOTELON solution by creating an integral control system for the hotel , which means more simplicity, cost savings and ease of maintenance. One of the most relevant HOTELON features is that the system works with a server-client and peer to peer philosophy, meaning elements in the network work in real time, a device talk to the others just when it has to, saving a lot of bandwidth which permits to implement a whole system with more than 1.000 devices communicating between them with a distributed intelligence.

To have more info about HOTELON and energy efficiency please be sure to listen to our Lon Mark webinar or visit our webpage