PRESS RELEASE: LVX Global Upgrades to Sponsor Member within LonMark International

San Ramon, CA, January 14, 2021– LonMark International (LMI) today announced that LVX Global, a strategy, engineering, and project management business providing end to end solutions for smart cities, smart buildings and IoT, has upgraded its membership to Sponsor Level. Mark Verheyen, President of LVX Global North America will be the newest member of the LMI Board of Directors joining Corey Gray, CEO for LVX Global.

LVX Global has been involved with LMI for several years and has been instrumental in helping LMI gain traction in the smart buildings and smart cities sector by delivering compelling outcomes for building and infrastructure owners and operators.

“LVX Global is committed to LMI’s ongoing support of the LonMark standard, and at the same time we are excited by the pivot in LMI to support members and the technology industry in an expanded and innovative manner, and to contribute in policy, advocacy and thought leadership on a global stage where LMI has provided valuable services and support for over 25 years,” said Mark Verheyen, President of LVX Global.

“Our increased participation in LMI validates our commitment to the international evolution and expansion of LMI. We have seen that through the COVID-19 pandemic it has been the technology companies that have thrived as we help companies, government and communities innovate to provide resilience in a materially changed world. This is core to LVX’s capability and experience, and most importantly the values and beliefs that drive what we do,” Verheyen added.

“Despite a world pandemic, market data shows LMI members are positioned strongly to benefit from the significant growth within the building automation and smart city markets,” said Rolf Bienert, Executive Director, LMI. “Aside from our new ventures into thought leadership, policy, advocacy and project delivery and management, LMI continues to support standards and traditional services, and we see opportunities for LVX Global to help expand our member base to include private equity firms, venture capital funds, consulting engineers, cities and government organizations, universities and other partner industry groups to support our new strategies. We are particularly excited about the new range of member support and engagement initiatives that will be rolled out in 2021,” Bienert added.


About LVX

With over 28 years’ experience LVX Global is an Australian international technology led engineering solutions business. With an established leadership position in the growing smart cities and buildings sector LVX Global has operations across Australia and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

With a portfolio of brands, IP, R&D, and partnerships worldwide LVX Global provides innovation as a service and solves complex problems by providing scalable end to end solutions and managing them through life.

LVX is today conceiving of, designing, delivering, and managing some of the most advanced and innovative integrated technology solutions for the biggest government and private sector organizations in the world.


About LONMARK International

Building from a foundation of making complex technologies accessible, interoperable and high value, LMI brings together our members’ collective skills, capacity and experience to identify and develop solutions for the key challenges facing our world today.  A member-based, non-profit organization LMI enables interoperable systems based on the ISO/IEC 14908 and ANSI/CEA-709 series of standards. LMI has tested and certified over 1,000 products and has certified over 1,000 industry professionals worldwide.  Products based on the ISO/IEC 14908 and ANSI/CEA-709 standards are installed in over 500,000 buildings worldwide. LMI remains committed to educating the industry on the value of open, interoperable systems by providing thought leadership, tools, and resources.  For more information, visit

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