Duct area or size..  The duct area used to calculate the air flow, relevant only for VAV actuators / controllers. 

This configuration property sets the area or size of a duct. It is used to calculate air flow through the duct and is typically used by VAV actuators and controllers. Because improper usage may cause a non-functional device, the device manufacturer can disable write access.

The invalid value indicates that the box is not set up correctly.


Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 46
Obsolete: no
Size: 2
Programmatic Name: SCPTductArea
Default: 13,1070
Neuron C Type:

SCPTductArea:  text("%f")

Used by:

SFPTairVelocitySensor  SFPTdamperActuator  SFPTdischargeAirController  SFPTsccAHU  SFPTsccChilledCeiling  SFPTsccFanCoil  SFPTsccHeatPump  SFPTsccRadiator  SFPTsccRooftop  SFPTsccSelfContained  SFPTsccUnitVentilator  SFPTsccVAV  SFPTspaceComfortController  SFPTvariableAirVolume