This configuration property sets the minimum value limit of an output network variable. The data type is the same as the value field of the output network variable. The value must be less than any specified Maximum Range configuration property.


Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 23
Obsolete: no
Default: 00*4
Neuron C Type:
Inheriting from network variable

SCPTminRnge:  text("%d")

Used by:

SFPTclosedLoopSensor  SFPTdamperActuator  SFPTdischargeAirController  SFPTopenLoopSensor  SFPTsccAHU  SFPTsccChilledCeiling  SFPTsccFanCoil  SFPTsccHeatPump  SFPTsccRadiator  SFPTsccRooftop  SFPTsccSelfContained  SFPTsccUnitVentilator  SFPTsccVAV  SFPTspaceComfortController  SFPTunitVentilatorController